"Hairy Games"

Burbank, CA. (2011) -- All dead things must come to rest. Nobody knows that better than the officers of the Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.), stars of one of the most fanatically hailed independent comic book mini-series, When Zombies Attack!! From graveyards to barbershops, the tension mounts as all manner of supernatural creatures rally against Officer Frank Hadely, his mind-bending partner Chet Thomas and the other officers of the P.M.A.C., the question arises: is there nothing the living can do to stop the undead, paranormal delinquents or grim felons? The answer may be found in the exciting continuation of the saga by creators Matt Rose and Chad Waters (Predator, Batman Returns, Hellboy) along with their creative team, artist Joe Suitor (Monoluminant, Freakshow) and returning cover artist Mike Huddleston (The Coffin, Deep Sleeper, Man-Bat).

Continuing the trend begun in the first three issues, Red Maverick publisher, Joe Venegas, promises even more story art filling every page of the long-awaited issue number four. "This was the most challenging issue yet," he says. "Because of the expanded script that called for more pages and led to my decision to break it into two 'last' issues, so that the story would play out as close to Chad's and Matt's epic vision as possible. The world of WZA!!, created by Chad and Matt, continues the tradition of bringing to life characters drawn from many years of experience and research. Each issue gradually reveals more of the world that the P.M.A.C. inhabits."

Co-creator and co-scripter Chad Waters believes that the decision to expand the final issue into two action-packed issues was a sound one. "Although we could have squeezed the story and art into one issue, we decided to add an extra issue to let everything breathe," he says. "This gave us a chance to include an epilogue that introduces another interesting twist to the series that will, hopefully, leave the reader satisfied, yet eager for more. In this issue, the mystery begins to spawn bizarre answers and grim solutions. It was fun to figure out how our characters would react and behave in this absurd environment and we hope the reader enjoys their decisions."

ABOUT GRIMM GROTTO GOODS: Creative partners at Rick Baker's Cinovation Studios, Matt Rose and Chad Waters worked together on such memorable characters as: the mummified remains of Mother Bates in Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho, the guilty space alien, Mikey, in Men In Black, the loveable giant gorilla, Joe, in Mighty Joe Young and the big red title character in Hellboy. Their need to produce their own work led to the creation of the memorable characters and unforgettable stories behind the P.M.A.C. Putting their years of combined experience to work through the formation of Grimm Grotto Goods, not only did the duo create the make-up, effects, props and costumes for this pilot episode, they also wrote, produced and directed the project.

ABOUT RED MAVERICK PUBLISHING: After the initial success of When Zombies Attack!!, issue number one, publisher Joe Venegas launched the Red Maverick Publishing arm of Creative Talent Communications, to better serve future issues of the wildly popular series. Issue number one of When Zombies Attack!! was produced in association with Grimm Grotto Goods. Issue number two marks the first foray into independent publishing, as a sole entity, for Red Maverick Publishing.


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