Power Lunch With Joseph Pilato

at Damon's Steakhouse

Glendale, CA. (2008)--The no-nonsense Captain Rhodes, easily the most colorful character in the epic George A. Romero cult classic Day Of The Dead, elevated the theatrically-trained Joseph Pilato from bit part obscurity to cult figure. The fact that it was only his third motion picture role, at the time, surprises many.

Pilato's first role, a small part in 1978s Dawn Of The Dead (as a police officer), led to yet another small part in Knight Riders (as a disgruntled fair worker), alongside Ed Harris, followed closely by his signature role as Captain Rhodes in Day Of The Dead. In fact, it's his memorable death scene that really grabbed the attention of fans. Not surprisingly, it was Pilato himself who introduced the notion that if Rhodes was going to succumb to the zombie menace, he wouldn't do so quietly. That blood-and-guts-spewing delivery of his final line, "Choke on 'em!" will live on in the annals of cult movie history for as long as such annals exist.

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