"Don't Shoot The Messenger" part 2

Burbank, CA. (2007) -- Dead things come to those who wait. Not too long ago, the big news was the release ofP.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! issue number one, at the San Diego ComicCon. This year, Officer Frank Hadley and his Post Mortem Animation Control are back to continue the adventure, in issue number two of the five-part series. This time around, however, creators Matt Rose and Chad Waters have teamed up with fellow Hellboy movie alumnusSimeon Wilkins,along with cover artist Mike Huddleston(The Coffin, Deep Sleeper, Man-Bat), to raise the dead, in living color!

New to the P.M.A.C. family this time around is Simeon Wilkins, an experienced storyboard artist for such big screen productions as Hellboy, Monster House and Robert Zemeckis'Beowulf. Wilkins was a contributing artist in Hellboy: Weird Tales issue 7 for Dark Horse Comics and provided artwork for the Monster House comic, recently released by IDW Publishing.

"Having worked with Chad and Matt on Hellboy," says Wilkins, "I was intrigued by their new project When Zombies Attack!!, a delicious blend of Reality TV satire and straight-faced zombie terror. I so enjoyed the first issue of the comic, and was honored when asked to supply the artwork for the second. I'm really looking forward to seeing this world develop, and to blow the heads off the undead."

"For When Zombies Attack!! #2, Joe, Chad and I approached Simeon for the new artwork and found that he had the same creative enthusiasm and spirit that I remembered from a few years back on the movie Hellboy," says Rose. Co-creator Waters agrees. "Simeon Wilkins is great," he says. "We're really fortunate to be working with him. His compositions are very cinematic and his eye for detail fills every frame. Our hope is that Simeon's style will help flesh out Burke County and its unusual inhabitants for our readers. We have a lot of characters and his artwork realizes them in a very diverse and unique way. And having Mike Huddleston do our cover again will only complement the interior."

P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! is an outrageous, award-winning independent short, created by special effects wizards Matt Rose and Chad Waters as a brilliant spoof of reality television. The film follows a paranormal clean-up crew--the bureau of Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.), headed by Officer Frank Hadely (Frank Rydberg)--as they chase down and dispose of the corporally-challenged. Running 25 minutes, this unstoppable zombie franchise has been chewing through and firing up the imaginations of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

ABOUT GRIMM GROTTO GOODS: Creative partners at Rick Baker's Cinovation Studios, Matt Rose and Chad Waters worked together on such memorable characters as: the mummified remains of Mother Bates in Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho, the guilty space alien, Mikey, in Men In Black, the loveable giant gorilla, Joe, in Mighty Joe Young and the big red title character in Hellboy. Their need to produce their own work led to the creation of the memorable characters and unforgettable stories behind the P.M.A.C. Putting their years of combined experience to work through the formation of Grimm Grotto Goods, not only did the duo create the make-up, effects, props and costumes for this pilot episode, they also wrote, produced and directed the project.

ABOUT RED MAVERICK PUBLISHING: After the initial success of When Zombies Attack!!, issue number one, publisher Joe Venegas launched the Red Maverick Publishing arm of Creative Talent Communications, to better serve future issues of the wildly popular series. Issue number one of When Zombies Attack!! was produced in association with Grimm Grotto Goods. Issue number two marks the first foray into independent publishing, as a sole entity, for Red Maverick Publishing.


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