Burbank, CA. (2004) -- What do you get when two veterans of the special effects/make-up industry cross undead creatures of the night with a proven formula for must-see reality television? The first in a proposed series of first-class and very lively supernatural spoofs of the popular COPS franchise, entitled P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! - The brainstorm of Matt Rose and Chad Waters, creative wizards at Rick Baker's Cinovation Studios, which pits Officer Frank Hadely (Frank Rydberg) and his paranormal clean-up crew, the Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.), against the shambling undead. P.M.A.C: When Zombies Attack!! won two awards, for Best Short Film and Best Make-up, at the Los Angeles Horror/Thriller Film Festival (Shriekfest) in October of 2001 and has gone straight for the brainpan of horror fans everywhere through such varied venues as, Showtime Next, and San Diego's infamous Comic Con International.

On June 13, 2003, this first chapter in Officer Hadely's exploits with the corporally-challenged premiered on MTV UK, giving fans another chance to catch it as part of the cable station's Friday the 13th programming. P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! garnered the best ratings ever in that network's timeslot leading to MTV UK's decision to rebroadcast the pilot due to popular demand.

The reason for all this ghoulish mass exposure is simple: public awareness. "Ultimately we would like to see When Zombies Attack!! spin-off into it's own T.V. or cable series," says Waters. "The title, When Zombies Attack!! was meant only for this stand-alone episode. In fact, the Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.) are entangled with the whole spectrum of supernatural and paranormal beings. This series will be driven not only by bizarre mysteries and macabre creatures, but by the many characters and amusing storylines that deal with these unreal situations."

Running 25 minutes, this outrageous independent short from special effects gurus Matt Rose and Chad Waters has taken the industry by storm. Frank Darabont, director of The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption raves, "WZA surpasses being skillful parody. It taps into the zombie zeitgeist of Romero and becomes legitimate horror in its own right. It's a surprising, inventive and muscular blend of genres that leaves the horror fan amused, appalled and wanting more." Guillermo del Toro, director of Blade II, Cronos and Devil's Backbone enthuses, "More than a skillful satire of the reality-TV format, this is a bizarro world COPS, as if your cable service suddenly tapped into hell. P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! is a true event! Two-fisted entertainment for gore-hounds with an evil sense of humor."

P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! is an outrageous, award-winning independent short, created by special effects wizards Matt Rose and Chad Waters as a brilliant spoof of reality television. The film follows a paranormal clean-up crew--the bureau of Post Mortem Animation Control (P.M.A.C.), headed by Officer Frank Hadely (Frank Rydberg)--as they chase down and dispose of the corporally-challenged. Running 25 minutes, this unstoppable zombie franchise has been chewing through and firing up the imaginations of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Horror pundits agree that P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! is must-see TV at its death-defying best. It's been cited for its "great production values, plenty of cool zombies..." and for being "absolutely hilarious" by Ryan Rotten at Anthony Timpone of Fangoria declares the production "a really funny satire of zombie flicks and reality TV." Nathan Tyler of Rue Morgue calls it "one of the most original (and successful) parodies the genre has seen in quite some time." Capone (Steve Prokopy) of Ain't It Cool News likens it to "the bastard spawn of bad reality television and every kick-ass zombie film ever made. George Romero would be proud." Calum Wadell with UK publication Shivers Magazine proclaims the production "Awesome! In the ideal world this would be on TV with a 24 hour rotation. Zombie-tastic mate!" Mark Wheaton of Chud and Movie Insider calls P.M.A.C.: When Zombies Attack!! an "all-around fun viewing experience, with great make-up, a great tongue-in-cheek wit and superb straight acting."

ABOUT GRIMM GROTTO GOODS: Creative partners at Rick Baker's Cinovation Studios, Matt Rose and Chad Waters worked together on such memorable characters as: the mummified remains of Mother Bates in Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho, the guilty space alien, Mikey, in Men In Black, the loveable giant gorilla, Joe, in Mighty Joe Young and the big red title character in Hellboy. Their need to produce their own work led to the creation of the memorable characters and unforgettable stories behind the P.M.A.C. Putting their years of combined experience to work through the formation of Grimm Grotto Goods, not only did the duo create the make-up, effects, props and costumes for this pilot episode, they also wrote, produced and directed the project.


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