Los Angeles, CA. (2005) -- On October 4th, Paramount Home Entertainment celebrated the long-awaited DVD release of a counter-culture classic, with Walter Hill's The Warriors Ultimate Director's Cut. Later in the month, RockStar Games released a gritty interactive game version of the movie for both PlayStation 2 and Xbox, featuring exciting split-screen, two-player co-op mode and an expanded storyline. The Warriors Ultimate Director's Cut features extras, including a special introduction by Hill and four in-depth featurettes on the making of the film. But there's another viewpoint not covered in this "ultimate" release: That of Cinematographer and author Andrew Laszlo. His book Every Frame A Rembrandt stands as a perfect companion to Hill's definitive vision.

In 1979, revered film critic Pauline Kael gave kudos to Laszlo's use of color in the film, declaring it "as deep and strong as what cinematographers used to get when Technicolor was still Technicolor" and citing his collaboration with director Hill to achieve "poetic power for the whole length of the movie." For decades this had been the last word on Mr. Laszlo's involvement in this seminal classic. That is until, through the pages of his book, Every Frame A Rembrandt, Andrew Laszlo himself took readers behind-the-scenes of not only The Warriors, but of four other cinematic projects, to give an insiderÕs view on the constantly changing world of movie making.

Among the many recollections Mr. Laszlo recounts in his book are some of the signature lighting techniques he created which played such an important part in establishing the overall atmosphere and visual style of The Warriors. "Innovations and new techniques became the order of the day on almost any given night while photographing The Warriors. Convention and established practices went by the wayside, as the situation demanded. I set out to produce unusual images by whatever new and unorthodox way I could; none of them could have been at that time considered standard 'good' photography, but they became the important consideration in creating the visual style for The Warriors. I kept pushing the limits, sometimes because I had to, sometimes just because I had learned to love it."

Such insights are every film buff's dream and Every Frame A Rembrandt, just like its long-awaited sequel, It's A Wrap!, is jam-packed with them. Five well-known Hollywood films are dissected and fondly remembered in the pages of Every Frame A Rembrandt, while It's A Wrap! goes from a top secret trip to Havana with Ed Sullivan during the Cuban Revolution, to near disasters involving The Beatles, Ozzie Davis and Richard Chamberlain. Both books give an insider's view of the filmmaking process and shed light on the inherent dangers of the industry. Every Frame A Rembrandt and It's A Wrap! are published by Focal Press and the ASC Press respectively.

About Andrew Lazlo
Andrew Laszlo's career in film and television spans nearly fifty years. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and accumulated close to forty major feature film, and an equally large number of major television, credits. He is a member of The International Photographers Guild, The Directors Guild of America, The American Society of Cinematographers, The Motion Picture Academy and has served two terms as a Governor of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. As an author, he has written numerous articles in most of the leading industry publications, as well as the books, Every Frame A Rembrandt, It's A Wrap!, and the novels The Seven Graces Of God and The Rat Catcher.


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